The Dalwood-Wylie Foundation is managed by Helena Wylie, and funds are distributed at her discretion. Prior to establishing the Foundation in 2004, Helena served as a litigation solicitor. In this capacity, Helena managed the estate of Beryl Dalwood from 1994 onwards covering financial, legal and personal matters. During this time, they formed a close friendship which subsequently led to Helena’s appointment by Beryl as the executor of her estate.  

The Dalwood-Wylie Foundation was established in Beryl’s honour in 2004 as an independent and separate entity to the Dalwood Homes. Born Beryl Barsby in 1909, Beryl grew up during the depression. Leading a simple everyday lifestyle, her family were astute investors, a skill she acquired at a young age, and which afforded her the opportunity to enjoy a privileged life.

Beryl’s fortunate position enabled her access to the full time care she required during the last few years of her life. Having married late in life and having no children, Beryl’s compassion and profound recognition of her position relative to those who were less privileged led her to gift her estate to those in need, and in turn to provide her with a sense of meaning.

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