Our evaluation process comprises the following stages:

  1. Reviewing your letter of inquiry.
  2. Establishing whether your request fits our giving criteria.
  3. Requesting a full proposal from you in accordance with our guidelines if your request aligns with our giving criteria.
  4. Conducting a detailed review of your organisation and the cause or project for which you are requesting funding, ensuring we are able to identify what you will achieve through our funding. Our detailed review will always involve meeting the key people of your organisation to hear first hand about the key issues.
  5. Approving your request.

Our review process usually takes up to three months. We will contact you at each stage of the process to update you about the progress of your funding request.

As the first step to evaluating your request, please send a letter of inquiry comprising no more than three pages to Helena Wylie via email at helenawylie@bigpond.com.
Please include the following information in your letter of inquiry:

  1. Organisation name, ABN, and contact details.
  2. A brief description of your organisation including purpose, number or staff, names of key members of the team, directors of the board, and legal structure.
  3. A brief description of the cause or project for which you are seeking funding, who or what it will target, and what the intended impact will be.
  4. A list of your funding sources to date, and the total amount raised.

Separately, please attach the following documents:

  1. A copy of your most recent annual audited report.
  2. Documentation confirming your Eligible Charity status. 

Please advise us of your preferred phone number and email address for ongoing correspondence.

Once we have reviewed your letter of inquiry, and confirmed that your request fits our giving criteria, we will contact you to discuss the submission of a full proposal.
Importantly, the submission of a full proposal is the next step in our evaluation process, and does not guarantee that we will approve your funding request.
A funding commitment will only be made once we have had the opportunity to meet with the key people in your organisation, and an agreement has been met concerning your reporting requirements and any other terms that may be applicable to our donation.

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